5-year-old Cameron gets bullied in school for having bald patches.

Cameron’s Mother described a chilling situation that no parent wants for their child. Cameron, a 5-year-old boy at the time, was losing hair and to make matters worse he had painful and bloody bald spots on his scalp.

“I went to a couple of pediatricians, urgent care, and the children’s hospital. Nobody could tell me what was going on with Cameron. His hair was not growing back in those bald spots. I had sleepless nights. I didn’t know what to do.”

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Shuron suffered from hair loss due to stress. She looked for alternatives and happened across Vitalize. Her hair regrowth journey was so inspirational she appeared on Steve Harvey to share her story!

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Melayna started noticing her hair falling out in June of 2015. By October, a mere five months later, Melayna lost almost all of her hair. She visited a dermatologist who informed her that excessive stress was reason behind her hair loss. Melayna sought out and tried many treatments before she came across Vitalize. After trying the Vitalize 3-Part Treatment Melayna was able to regrow much of the hair she lost.

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